Block Island Coaster Set

Handmade Block Island Coaster set made from local fallen red cedar trees. The image of Block Island is burned into the wood slices using a wood burner all done by hand.
Delivery date: 1 week

Handmade Block Island Coaster sets are made from local (most from southern RI) fallen red cedar trees. We do not cut down trees that are heathy. Only dead or trees in poor health are cut down for our products. Each coaster piece is sliced off of the trunk of the fallen tree and sanded by hand until smooth. Next, we burn the image of Block Island into the wood using a unique shading technique. Each piece is treated with a non toxic coating to help protect the pieces. Each coaster will have 4 felt feet on them to protect surfaces. All trees have their own character. Cedar has many interesting shapes as well as different shades and patterns so your set will be truly one of a kind!